On-Demand Webinar:

Here’s Your Sign: Using Federal Tax Deposits to Identify Exposure to the IRS

Why Watch:

Jason Peckham, Vice President of Resolutions, will answer questions frequently asked by lenders in this installment of his quarterly webinar series, including, “Shouldn’t the IRS have provided some sort of warning?”

Jason will review aspects of federal tax deposits in detail, notably why they are the basis of any tax liability, the source of lenders’ exposure to the IRS, and the most important consideration when trying to resolve an outstanding IRS liability.

What You Will Learn:

Jason will discuss:

  • The nuts and bolts of making federal tax deposits (FTDs).
  • How to use the Tax Guard report to verify FTDs and identify exposure to the IRS.
  • The importance of making FTDs when resolving outstanding liabilities and preserving the funding relationship.

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Jason Peckham

Hosted By:

Jason Peckham

As Vice President of Resolutions for Tax Guard, Jason is responsible for the tax resolution division of the company with an emphasis on preserving the funding relationships between commercial lenders and borrowers.