On-Demand Webinar:

Wait! Didn’t You Say Lenders Should Always Obtain a Subordination of Federal Tax Lien?

Why Watch:

Jason Peckham, Vice President of Resolutions, will answer some questions frequently asked by lenders in this installment of his quarterly webinar series.

Jason will review the general rules related to priority and the federal tax lien as well as the benefits of securing an installment agreement and subordination of federal tax lien. These general rules will be clarified by reviewing two exceptions – when the IRS files a lien in the “wrong” location and bankruptcy.

What You Will Learn:

Jason will discuss:

  • The various stages of the resolution process (installment agreement and subordination) as well as the protections afforded to lenders at each stage

  • The outcomes when the IRS files a lien in the “wrong” location, including a real-world example

  • The implications of the borrower filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy


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Jason Peckham

Hosted By:

Jason Peckham

As Vice President of Resolutions for Tax Guard, Jason is responsible for the tax resolution division of the company with an emphasis on preserving the funding relationships between commercial lenders and borrowers.