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Get immediate insight into your clients’ unpaid federal tax debt well before federal tax liens are filed.

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Public Record Searches for Federal Tax Liens are Often Incomplete and Outdated

If you’re using public records to search for federal tax liens, you may be missing hidden tax debts. Compare the insight you’ll get from a Tax Guard report versus a public records search:

Public Records Search
Federal Tax Liens
Unpaid Federal Debts Without Liens
Missing Tax Returns
Tax Deposit Report
Tax Return & Wage/Income Transcripts
Tax Guard’s Tax Risk Score
Collateral Protection Services
Federal Filing Requirements
Results for All Name Variations
Payment Plan Verification
Identity Verification


Tax Guard has helped leading commercial lenders uncover more than 386,007 tax liabilities worth $10.3 billion, all of which goes unseen in a traditional public records search.

Fifth Third Bank

What our customers say about us

We’re fortunate to work with commercial lending leaders across the country. Check out what they have to say about Tax Guard.

Tax Guard has an incredible understanding of the tax system, what different liabilities mean, and the timeframe that the lender has to make decisions whether to fund or not. Curtis Sutherland, VP of Factoring - TAB Bank
Tax Guard has saved us from a reputational risk with SBA. That’s something that’s very important to us. We take pride in us being the second largest SBA lender.  Laima Lohman, SVP, SBC Closing Operations Manager - Byline Bank
There are so many cases where we see nothing on our initial background check. Then we run it through Tax Guard, and we see all that negative information. I have no doubt during our history there were merchants we funded that we would have said no to if we had the same information Tax Guard provides us. Steven Podhorzer, SVP of Underwriting - Kapitus
Tax Guard potentially saved us a lot of money because some borrowers owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. We wouldn’t have known it if we hadn’t been with Tax Guard. Sharon Whitney, Sr. Vice President - Aquesta Bank
Because we’re getting tax transcripts back so quickly, we’re examining our processes and challenging ourselves to speed up the way we handle loans. Kevin Nguyen, Loan Documentation Specialist - BayFirst Bank


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