Tax Guard’s API

Supercharge your Process

Save Time

  • Do more deals in less time and increase efficiency by removing manual data entry. Lenders who use our API have a lower rejection rate.

Unlock Features

  • Discover new functionality and optimize your workflow by integrating Tax Guard into your underwriting solutions.

Customized Experience

  • Streamline your operations for a tailor-made process to fit your needs.

Flexible to meet your needs

Tax Guard’s API enables you to create an integration unique to your underwriting and account management process.

  • Use our identity verification solution at the beginning of your process to weed out unqualified applicants.
  • Seamlessly integrate Tax Guard into your loan application process by automatically creating clients, placing orders and retrieving reports.
  • Incorporate Tax Guard data into your decisioning models and avoid manual data entry.

Expanded Solutions

Once Tax Guard’s API is set up to integrate with your system, additional products and features will be available to you.

  • Bulk use of our identity verification solution
  • Parsing data from transcripts including all the data points from Tax Return Transcripts and Wage & Income Transcripts

Find out more about Tax Guard’s API

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