Monthly Gobble: Statistics You Should Know About Published November 24, 2011

Welcome to this week’s Thanksgiving Edition of the Tax Guard Blog. Here we will present you with what we have discovered about lending and risk. These numbers are rolling in just in time for Turkey Day, make sure to eat em’ up quick, before they get cold!

Last month Tax Guard  monitored over 5,500 businesses. This is what our work told us:

The total clients with liens was just over 220, in that same respect, the number of clients with liabilities or missing returns was nearly 4,000. These numbers are important when deciding what lending options are the best ones. According to our system, there are over 1,000 clients with liabilities but no liens, these liabilities totaled over $41.5 million dollars. Averaged out, that is a liability of approximately $36,600 per client. Keep in mind that this is an average because the majority of clients, approximately 1,062, have $100,000 in liabilities or less.

The Meat and Potatoes of the Issue:

The figures matter, because they reveal the trends and the risk in lending. Each month Tax Guard keeps careful records to monitor these trends so you, the commercial lenders, can be aware of them as they happen. Paying attention to our statistics and using monthly monitoring allows you to see your investments cooking more clearly and gives you warning as to when you might get burned.


Posted By: Rachel Sexton

As the VP of Product for Tax Guard, Rachel is responsible for the company’s overall product go-to-market strategy with an emphasis on customer applications, system integrations, and product direction. Prior to joining Tax Guard, ​Rachel specialized in product management for startup phase companies. She has deep experience creating and managing innovative programs throughout product life cycles. Rachel holds a B.A. in Marketing and a B.A. in English from Hastings College.​