Press Release: Tax Guard Launches New Customer Portal Published March 3, 2016

Boulder, CO, March 2, 2016 Tax Guard, a due diligence and risk management service for commercial lenders, has launched a new customer portal and monitoring platform. The updated portal streamlines day-to-day operations for Tax Guard customers, offers additional insights regarding the federal tax compliance of commercial lenders’ customers, and provides scalability in response to customer growth.

The new portal offers significant user experience enhancements including easier order processing, customization of user preferences, and improved data manipulation and reporting capabilities. Users now also enjoy a more intuitive interface, convenient ordering widget, and additional resources to make new user training more efficient.

“Customer feedback was integral to the development of our new portal. The enhancements we have made will help our lenders and their users gain efficiency and streamline underwriting workflows. And, for new customers, it will be even easier to get started on our platform. In a space that is evolving rapidly, speed and accuracy are key differentiators for our customers,” stated Rachel Sexton, Tax Guard Director of Product Management.

“The new Tax Guard portal provides improved transparency into our portfolio. The real win for us has been the collaboration and insight it has provided to our underwriting and customer service teams. Our highest risk clients are clearly segmented and bringing their risk to our attention allows our teams to have proactive conversations much sooner. We’ve also achieved a lower default ratio as a result of more accurate lien information provided by Tax Guard,” stated Keith Nason, Merchants Capital Access Director of Underwriting and Tax Guard customer.

The proprietary Tax Guard report has also been enhanced with an updated layout and more detailed information regarding client status to help lenders identify potential risks and federal tax liabilities. Available the same day, within 24 hours or within 30 days, Tax Guard reports assist lenders nationwide in making confident funding decisions by identifying tax liabilities in a proactive manner – before the IRS takes action.

To learn more about Tax Guard or to request a demo of the new portal, email or call 877-550-6325.

About Tax Guard

Established in 2009, Tax Guard is the first company in the U.S. to give lenders insight into their clients’ hidden real-time tax risks well before liens are filed. Lenders throughout the U.S. rely on Tax Guard’s proprietary tax risk assessment tools both prior to financing and throughout the course of their lending relationships. Privately held and headquartered in Boulder, CO, Tax Guard utilizes a patent-pending, integrated process that includes due diligence and tax monitoring services based on data obtained directly from the Internal Revenue Service. For more information, visit, email, or call 877-550-6325.

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