Tax Guard Product Updates – 2020 Lookback Published March 29, 2021

In this edition, we take time to reflect on 2020 and the progress our Product and Engineering teams have made in 2021. For questions on any of these existing or upcoming features, please contact our Customer Success Team. 

2020 Lookback
While IRS slowdowns and IVES delays created havoc for many lenders, our product and engineering teams were busy behind the scenes launching new features to improve your customer experience. Check out a few key highlights below:

Identity Verification
This feature is now available as a standalone product that can now be used outside of the client creation process.

​Increased Monitoring Frequency
This was one of our most requested features due to the fact that the IRS’s compliance reporting is always changing. It is now available for our monitoring customers on a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis.  

Record of Account Transcript
This feature combines the Tax Return Transcript and Tax Account Transcripts into one complete transcript. Its value lies in providing insight into the taxpayer’s return information that might have changed after the original return was filed. 

Parsed Data
Available via Tax Guard’s API, the ability to obtain data points directly from Tax Return Transcript and Wage and Income transcripts. This feature eliminates repetitive data entry.

Product Spotlight: Resolutions
Did you know we have an in-house resolutions team? Our experienced team members can resolve your clients’ tax problems so you can focus on funding. We can negotiate installment agreements and subordinations with the IRS. Let us help establish a payment plan your client can afford, no matter the size of the liability or extent of the issue. We also have a successful track record of obtaining subordinations of federal tax lien so you retain priority over the IRS’s lien and protect your collateral. 

NEW Portal Enhancements!
You asked and we delivered! We’re excited to provide you with an enhanced customer portal experience. These changes are based on feature requests directly from you, our valued customers. 

Start by checking out our improved, easy to use dashboard navigation. You’ll notice more robust information and updated billing data under the new Invoices page, located in the top navigation. These enhancements allow you to easily view your entire client list under Manage Clients. Please note that Report Status Attention is now called Incomplete Authorization, and is featured in the Portfolio dropdown. Finally, monitoring clients can now quickly view expiring forms for all active clients in the Portfolio dropdown.

Thank You
It’s our mission to make products that serve you and the solutions you desire. If you have questions or feedback about the product direction, please provide your feedback to our Customer Success Team.

Posted By: Rachel Sexton

As the VP of Product for Tax Guard, Rachel is responsible for the company’s overall product go-to-market strategy with an emphasis on customer applications, system integrations, and product direction. Prior to joining Tax Guard, ​Rachel specialized in product management for startup phase companies. She has deep experience creating and managing innovative programs throughout product life cycles. Rachel holds a B.A. in Marketing and a B.A. in English from Hastings College.​