If you’re a lender or a client of a lender (borrower), get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Tax Guard here.

What is Tax Guard?

Tax Guard provides the most comprehensive understanding of a business’ tax compliance to lenders across the country. Through the use of our proprietary web-based tax reporting tools, Tax Guard assists lenders prior to financing and/or throughout the course of their relationships with their clients.

Why use Tax Guard’s services?

IRS liabilities threaten a lender’s funding and are the earliest indicator of issues with a business’ cash flow.

By uncovering tax liabilities instead of just tax liens, undesirable scenarios can be prevented with the information provided regularly by Tax Guard. Tax Guard saves lenders time, money, and offers a unique and comprehensive solution to the existing due diligence arsenal.

What is a Tax Guard Report?

This one-time report allows a lender to obtain the complete tax compliance history of a client prior to or throughout the funding relationship. It is no longer necessary to require proof of IRS deposits, IRS return filings, or verification of an Installment Agreement with the IRS. Tax Guard gives you the facts objectively.

How does the process with Tax Guard work?

Tax Guard allows lenders to obtain their client’s tax risk profile at any time. Through Tax Guard’s secure web-based portal, lenders can quickly and easily access the documents needed to initiate the report ordering process. Tax Guard will then perform all third-party verification needed to obtain the data for risk analysis.

What is a Tax Risk Score?

Tax Guard uses a proprietary algorithm to provide lenders with an easy-to-understand tax compliance assessment of either their individual clients or their overall portfolios. This valuable assessment allows the lender to quickly determine whether to fund or do additional due diligence.

Can Tax Guard negotiate with the IRS or change a borrower’s status with them in anyway?

No. With the IRS Form 8821 needed to complete a Tax Guard Report, Tax Guard has no authority to represent a borrower or practice before the Internal Revenue Service on a borrower’s behalf.

Will Tax Guard create increased scrutiny by the IRS?

No. A Tax Guard Report will not subject borrowers to increased scrutiny by the IRS.

Will Tax Guard sell or share a borrower’s information?

We absolutely will not sell any information. Protection of private information is our utmost concern. We will only share the borrower’s IRS data only with the current authorized lender.

What if a borrower has a tax liability?

This information will be shared with the lender. As a result, there are implications and solutions a lender will then share with the borrower.