Tax Guard has released a new portal design based upon analytics and user feedback to increase the ease of use of our portal.  In addition to some new features & functionality, the current version of the portal will retain all functionality present in the previous version of the portal.


New Portal Experience

The changes we have introduced can be categorized as Visual, Flow, New Functionality, New Feature or a combination and are listed below:

Portal Header

  • [New Feature] – Added an Alerts icon that opens an Alerts panel wherein lenders can now open and respond to alerts & notifications directly from the portal
  • [Visual Change] – Moved the user account settings into the header from the ribbon
  • [Visual Change] – Moved the search bar into the header from the ribbon
  • [Visual Change] – Moved the ‘Switch Lender’ option into the header

Portal Ribbon

  • [Visual/Flow Change] – Merged Manage Clients, Invoices, Reports, and High Risk into a single Manage Portfolio dropdown menu
  • [New Functionality/Flow] – The Create a Client button is now a dropdown menu that allows the lender to select the ‘Entity Type’ directly from the dashboard
  • [New Functionality/Flow] – The Place Order button is now a dropdown search that allows the lender to search and select the desired client directly from the dashboard

Portal Dashboard

  • [New Feature/Visual] – The Find a Client search bar now allows lenders to search and navigate to a client’s ‘Client Information’ page directly from the dashboard
  • [New Functionality/Visual] – The Portfolio Risk pie chart has been moved from the ‘Portfolio’ tab directly onto the dashboard and we have made it interactive – clicking into a section of the chart will display all related clients
  • [Visual Change] – Redesigned the Portfolio Status panel – these links were originally tabs
  • [New Visual] – The High Risk pane is now visible directly from the dashboard (Monitoring Lenders Only)
  • [New Feature/New Visual] – The Feature Releases & Updates section will now house the three most recent Tax Guard updates. These could pertain to feature enhancements, IRS changes, Tax Guard Blog posts or any content that we would like to keep you informed on
  • [New Feature] – The Alerts Panel (which appears when clicking on the Alerts Icon in the header) will display all relevant Alerts/Notifications pertaining to the individual user (Incomplete Authorization, Lender Alerts, High Risk Alerts, & Rejection Alerts). Users will be able to click on an alert from the panel and will be redirected to the related Client Information page where can quickly address any and all actionably issues

Manage Clients/Reports/Invoices Pages

  • [New Feature] – These pages now all include the ability to search for clients specific to the page you are currently viewing
  • [Visual Change] – These pages have been stylized to match the rest of the portal

Client Creation Page

  • [New Functionality] – Added the ability to create a guarantor in conjunction with the creation of a MMLLC, a Corporation, or a partnership. Previously, this functionality was exclusive to the creation of SMLLCs
  • [New Flow] – Client Creation is now a multi-page phased process. The user first enters the client information, then is moved to the next page – if a guarantor is selected, then it will be the client creation page for the guarantor, if not, then they move to the confirmation page.  The confirmation page is then used to confirm that the information entered for the new client(s) is correct.
  • [New Functionality] – If a guarantor is created in addition to a business, the confirmation page now allows for 8821s to be downloaded separately for each client